Thursday, August 18

Yang Haidong has been investigated in Xiangxi: carefully build a new era of red landmark

Yang Haidong has been investigated in Xiangxi: carefully build a new era of red landmark

Original title: Carefully build a new era red landmark Recently, Yang Haotong, Minister of Propaganda Department, Ministry of Hunan Province, and the Ministry of Propaganda Department of Xiangxi Tujia Miao Autonomous Prefecture.

He emphasized that it is necessary to learn to implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party. In the 18th cave village, Yang Haidong walked back, and his villagers were intimate, listening to their poverty stories, encouraging them to feel the party, listening to party Chinese, and heard with the beliefs of the party.

Yang Haidong said that General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward a precise poverty alleviation concept in 18 cave, "precise poverty alleviation" from the 18th cave village and going to the country. It is necessary to improve ideological understanding, fully excavate the important status and unique value of the 18th-year-in-one party history, and organize cadres and the general secretary of Xi Jinping to care and warm stories of the people in poor areas. To organize strength to strengthen the improvement and transformation of "18-hole Village Precision Poverty Alleviation Exhibition", it will create a graduate education and training base for the majority of party members and cadres.

It is necessary to continue to increase the promotion of domestic and foreign countries, enhance the influence of the eight-eighth cave precision poverty alleviation experience. When investing in the Dwarf Bridge, Yang Haidong pointed out that development and tourism should maintain the original origin of the nation, but also into modern elements, to improve the happiness of the local people, and feel the purpose.

In the autonomous state museum, Yang Haidong emphasizes that in-depth study of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the important discussion of national work, and solidly promotes high quality development in minority areas. (Reporter Gong Baiwei) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Sharing Let more people see the client download.