Tuesday, October 4

Xiyu: Resolutely protect the quality and safety of agricultural products

Xiyu: Resolutely protect the quality and safety of agricultural products

As the county of agricultural counties, our county is rich in agricultural products. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of planting scale of organic sorghum, vegetable, pepper, pepper and other special agricultural products, the yield is continuously improved, and the market share has increased year by year, and the influence of learning and agricultural products is increasing.

Since its establishment, the Shui County Vegetable Industry Association has been regularly carried out regularly, ensuring that there is hidden farm agricultural product, and focus on the safety awareness of vegetable grown personnel, in-depth field, the land propaganda, prohibits the use of high toxic, high-residue pesticides, guide Vegetarian farmers use high-efficiency low toxic, low-residue new pesticides, bio-pesticides, and special fertilizers, etc., from the source, from the source. "We take regular or irregular monitoring monthly checks, plant personnel use pesticides, fertilizers include seedlings, we must conduct a lottery, once found violations, discipline, use disabling, limited pesticides to report, for serious behavior, We will transfer the judiciary.

"He Jie Jie, the president of Xihui County Vegetable Industry Association.

Up to now, our county has built 100,000 mu of organic vegetables, with an annual output of 500,000 tons, including 30 organic vegetable bases, 5 organic vegetables demonstration points, more than 95% of the product sampling rate, realized green organic development of vegetable industries. At the same time, the county is one of the main raw materials of the learning wine company. The county planting the sorghum 10,000 acres, involving 26 township streets, in order to ensure the production of sorghum, and the county agricultural rural areas go deep into the field to fertilize from soil. The seedling transplanting is conducting on-site guidance, from the "source" to ensure the quality safety of sorghum, ensuring that the masses can grow high quality, high-standard "Xihuo brand" organic sorghum quality, high-standard "Xiyu brand" organic sorghum.

Mu Yuan, a senior agricultural agricultural agricultural agricultist, and the agricultural rural bureau to protect the quality and safety of the five-step work method: First, strengthen organizational leadership, implement specializing in the team, and clarify the job responsibilities; the second is to innovate planting technology, Comprehensively take nutrient ball, nutrient block, floating seedlings and seedlings, and planting a narrow behavior; third is to ensure production materials.

All-year county talents needed to produce 250,000 pounds of sorghum seeds, 10,000 tons of organic fertilizer, 10,000 bottles of biological agents, 900,000 organic sorghum special bags, 500 tons of green fertilizer seeds, etc .; In various forms of competition training, on-site training, field director; five is to do a good job in organic certification.

Up to now, our county has received more than 300,000 mu of organic certification. It is estimated that the output is 10 million yuan, the output value is about 500 million yuan, and the product sampling rate is more than 100%.

(Xie Yongheng Chen Qi, Xie Yongheng, Mongolian Media Center) (Qi Lin Yu, Chen Kangqing).