Tuesday, October 4

Tint City Taxation Bureau: Tax Hui is an increasing power of enterprises

Tint City Taxation Bureau: Tax Hui is an increasing power of enterprises

"Thank the national tax preferential policy and the precision service of the tax department, let us enjoy the bonus, reduce the burden, and let us use the reduced real gold and silver to vigorously carry out enterprise technology innovation, continue to enhance the innovation of the company." Jilin Tieyang Li Youhua, the financial person in charge of the Shengshi Circular Technology Co., Ltd., said. After the announcement of the Taxation Administration of the Ministry of Finance on Further Improvement of R & D Fees, the Delivery Policy has issued a new preferential policy for the actual R & D fees actually occurring in the development of R & D activities.

The State Administration of Taxation, the Taxation Bureau, took the initiative to serve the former service, actively screening the qualified enterprises to carry out "customized services", Jilin Tieyang Shengshi Circular Technology Co., Ltd. is a relatively large company.

Tint Taxation Bureau organizes business backbone to communicate with enterprises, and adding new policies for enterprises, financial personnel, etc. Sign up the tax-related issues of the company, ensure that companies should know, they should enjoy it.

At the same time, we will take WeChat, non-contact, etc., providing more convenient services for companies, continuously improving taxpayers’ satisfaction and feeling. In the third quarter of 2021, the company enjoys the manufacturing industry with 100% R & D expenses plus a total of 7.18 million yuan.

Next, the State Administration of Taxation, the Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Tax, will conscientiously implement the "I will pay the fees for the taxpayer to pay the festival", "according to the service initiative, the policy is more accurate, the content of the service content is more intimate, constantly Optimize the taxation service, focus on providing taxpayers with more convenient, efficient payment experience, helps enterprises strong energy, and enhance energy. (Wu Hai Fei) (Editor: Li Siwei, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.