Tuesday, October 4

Visual feast is coming, Fu Yinghui General Assembly!

Visual feast is coming, Fu Yinghui General Assembly!

People’s Network Fuzhou July 17th (Liu Qing, Lu Chunrong, Wang Milling) Powder Wall Diassa, the plum path is passing, the juno is long, the pear garden returns, but the butterfly is in the hands of the tea … 16th, on the evening, on the 44th At the opening ceremony of the World Heritage Conference, a unique cultural performance is wonderful, giving the audience to the visual feast.

It is understood that the theme of this literary performance is "Fu Ying Ba", the performance is "Fuyuan Garde", the "Fu Tong Fourth Sea", the "Fu Tong Four Seas", and the End "Futong Future".

There is a blessing state, jasmine fragrance. The preface performance music "Fu Ying-all Part-Party", "There are friends from afar", expressing Fuzhou warmly welcoming the meaning of Babi guests. The last example of the performance instrument "National Feng Ya", the scene dance "Ancient 厝 厝 芳", acrobatic and dance "tea dance", expressed the Sound of the Sound Sounds and Ming, Powder Wall Diwa, Frang Tong The lane is indulging in the rain, but the butterfly is flying in hand, people in the tea, people in the tea, live dance scene. The next performance "Silkan Nan String" shows the silk road feelings of the Nanyin long and the pear garden.

Finally, the performance is tailored to the song and dance, "Destiny and Total", expresses the feather phase, beautiful and common, guarding the heritage, the wind of the world.