Tuesday, July 5

Shijiazhuang City Bridge West District: "Live Broadcasting" to promote college graduates employment

Shijiazhuang City Bridge West District: "Live Broadcasting" to promote college graduates employment

The relevant person in charge of the enterprise conducts corporate propaganda, post promotion, and through the short video to showcase the characteristics, working environment, future development … November 20th, the Qixi District Employment Service Center held "" in Jinqiu, "straight" Future – Qiaoxi District live broadcast assistance college graduates employment recruitment fair, further publicize and implement employment entrepreneurship policies, build a precise and human docking platform, open new media service models, and help college graduates to achieve "stable employment". The "live broadcast" recruitment will invite 8 companies to provide more than 300 jobs.

The 8 companies represent the online cultural inheritance, development direction, salary treatment, working environment, job requirements, etc. The living room is warm, and the job seekers have a message in the commentary area, and the business representative will answer one by one. At the same time, the staff of the Qiaoxi Employment Service Center was interpreted on the employment of college graduates.

Through online communication, with high interaction, high-participation live form, the government department, the company and the job seeker are "face-to-face", so that the job seeker really feels the convenience and shortness of the network live broadcast. Just an hour, attract more than 10,000 people click to watch.

Bridge West District promotes employment with "live broadcast", continuously improvement of employment service capabilities, and enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of recruitment of recruitment. Next, the District Employment Service Center will continue to carry out all kinds of online-offline recruitment fairs, live broadcast recruitment activities, strengthen the demand and docking of employers, through more on the high-quality economic and social quality of Qiaoxi District Development of the intensive energy.

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