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Wind and rain, youthful (warmth hot comment)

Wind and rain, youthful (warmth hot comment)

  [Character] 2020 "Most Beautiful College Students" Li Sha [Story] Lisha is the 2019 undergraduate graduate, the 21st graduate education group, the 21st graduate education group, the 21st graduate education group, in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Longsheng Autonomous County Long Sheng Primary School taught.

She walked over the mountains, walking for two hours of rugged mountain road to visit; care about every child in the class, open the heart of the left-behind children … May 2020, Li Sha is in the back of the school, the accident, 21 years old Life is always fixed on the junction. Not long ago, 10 college students such as Li Sha were rated as "the most beautiful college students" in the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Education.

  [Review] Lisha’s hometown is under the foot of Sichuan, the family conditions are not rich, and she has a hard to accept the energetic.

She is convinced that she decided to go to Mountain Education in the graduation, igniting more children to know, seek school, and growing fire.

  "The more painful things will grow faster, tough is my most proud character.

"This is the evaluation of Lisha, and the tough character lights up her short life.

In the view of the teachers of the tutorial school, Li Sha is always doing the best to do everything: go home visit, go to the most remote student home; do work, do the students’ heart.

If you don’t ask for users, things will not be refuge. Choosing the way is even more difficult to strengthen your youthful style, sprinkle the sweat in loved land, and engrave the spirit of the spirit to struggle.

  In fact, tough is the character of "the most beautiful college students" in 2020. Nanjing Medical University, Ni Jie, during the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, joined Jiangsu to help the HI medical team, a dozen days, she said, "Youth is to get absorbed, only experienced pain, Only one day of the Di Die’s dance "; Liu Zhi Zhuo Zhuo Zhuo, Shanghai Jiaotong University, in-depth, in-depth of the class, insisted for 5 years, fixed Huangsha more than 2,000 mu, afforestation more than 3,000 plants, root the motherland, keep the green mountains; Chongqing Yu Tingting, the Financial Vocational College, with the illness of the father, did not delay a lesson, the result is ranked, and determined to "meet each challenge" … not afraid of wind and rain, bravely bureting; responsive, self-improvement; The ambition is high, the foot is ground, and the contemporary college students use the actual actions to interpret the more than the hard-sorrowfulness, and only the trend of the times, they can fight for the pioneer. Li Sha has regarded teaching to the mountains as "unforgettable things", she said, "Our inner heart needs a direction, to find the belongings of their own, can be more firm to go more firmly." Indeed, choose the loved career, firmly choose the direction, stick to the beliefs, youthful flowers can bloom more brightened in the wind and rain. "The most beautiful college students", including Li Sha, have ideals, pursuit, and affordable, will encourage more young college students to do a career in the new era, brave the mission, and do not have expectations.