Tuesday, July 5

Stone House County: Happy Green Road to Immigration Community

Stone House County: Happy Green Road to Immigration Community

"Doing in the greenhouse, not tired, as long as you practice, you will have three, 40,000 yuan, no problem. The most important thing is that the work is simple, easy to get started." March 17, Shanxi Lu Liang City Zhang Yuzhen, village, Guo Jiayu Village, Lingquan Town, Lou County, is pleased, "Now it is still engaged in agricultural production, but don’t worry about harvesting, in the greenhouse, you can keep in drought and flood." Stone House County Yusheng Agriculture and Hermage Co., Ltd. Modern agriculture planting enterprises integrating mushrooms and fruits and vegetables, with an annual production of a bacteria rod 700,000, a mushroom is more than 1.68 million kilograms, an annual output value of 6 million yuan. In 2020, the company invested 12 million yuan of 55 mushrooms planting greenhouses settled in Stone House Town and Longshan Shui’an two immigrant communities. The enterprise has directly driven nearly 100 people in the two communities to achieve stable employment income at home. "The mushroom planting technology is actually very simple. After guiding special technicians, the people are very easy to accept, and they are willing to work here, basically follow them in the village.

Wang Mao Wei, Manager of Yushan County, Qi Sheng Farming, and Mao Shi.

In recent years, under the support of the Stone House County Committee, the county planted, and the processing enterprises have opened their own plants into the immigration community. While realizing the industrial upgrading, they also provide adequate jobs for the majority of immigrants.

It is understood that there are 99 plant greenhouses around the county, and the labor force can be driven by 260 people in the base. One year, the average per capita salary can reach more than 20,000 yuan, and truly let the people live Have home, energy.

"Now our technology, the market is mature, planting mushrooms can not be required. This year we are ready to use more than 50 arms of the suburbs, recreate 40 greenhouses, and it is expected to drive more than 80 immigrants to achieve stable employment." Wang Mao Wei said.

(Xu Wen Yue) (Editor: Lei Wei, Zhang Linshan).