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The fifth Tibet symposium has been talented to the cadre: a hot blood spectrum

The fifth Tibet symposium has been talented to the cadre: a hot blood spectrum

On this land closest to the sky, there are always some figure to shuttle around all towns and villages. They use wisdom to interpret wonderful life, write a magnificent painting with heart, and plant the snow plateau.

They have a common name – aid cadre.

A batch of batch of cadres who support Tibet, carrying out a strong blood, swaying a bloody blood, use sincerity, trunk, and dedication to Tibetan people, bring changes; they come to blue, white hair, even Dedicated life to Tibet; they have founded the fish of the Tibetan people, leaving a team that tried, and wrote a chapter in the Snowy Plateau. Playing advantages to boost economic and social development as traditional agricultural counties, with almost no companies in Daju County in more than 20 years ago, Daxan Industrial Park is still unattended.

In 2002, with the support of the party committee and government of the autonomous region, with the help of the Lhasa Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and the relevant departments, the Daxan County Party Committee and the county government planned the wasteland in the west of Daju County as the Daxan Industrial Park, which Opened the curtain of the construction of industrial parks.

For more than ten years, Dasgu Industrial Park has changed 5 batches from Jiangsu Zhenjiang. They went to the park to promote the construction and development of the park. Today, the park has settled more than 300 yuan in the company, and became the first autonomous region-level industrial park in Tibet.

The growth of the Dawgu Industrial Park is just a minority.

At the moment, the "Leading geese" in the National Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park of Qushui County has become a "leading geese" that leads the development of local pure land health industry; Lin Zhou County’s dairy breeding has formed a large scale; Mozhugong Kaixian Tibetan camidapic breeding, ceramics production has become a farm The herdsmen increasingly increasingly enriched the "Body Army" … A batch of special planting breeding bases have been established, and a group of batch of characteristic agricultural and animal husbandry products are gradually formed, which are inseparable from the blood of the cadres. In recent years, with the continuous development of the cadre talent aid, the majority of the aid cadres focused on transforming the concept of development, cracking development problems, andrating the development ideas, and paying attention to the close combination of Tibet development, paying attention to recipient The policies, resources, and the backward advantage are combined with the funds, technologies, markets such as aid unit, and promote the "transfusion type" to "hematopoietic", and more wide fields, higher Hierarchical economic and technological cooperation, continuously enhance Tibet’s self-accumulation, self-development ability.

People’s livelihood prioritize the mass living standards as the Zhejiang Road in the main road of Nagu Town, full length, total investment of 41.74 million yuan, united the second, third, four batch of aid cadres, the local people said, this is Zhejiang brought A "happiness road".

In that song, "Zhejiang" represents a large number of iconic people’s livelihood projects such as Jiagang Hydropower Station, Zhejiang Community, Zhejiang Middle School, and has a close relationship with each of the people’s production and life. As the primary task of counter-mouth assistance, guaranteeing and improving people’s livelihood has always been an aid of cadres.

For a long time, the majority of the aid cadres always adhere to the people’s livelihood, the people’s livelihood, putting improvement of people’s livelihood as the starting point and the foothold of the aid work, paying attention to the inclinement of the aid project and funds to the county and counties, tilting the farming area, Continuously improve the production and living conditions of all ethnic groups, actively do practical things, do things, and solve problems, and share a beautiful answer with actual actions. In the past 21 years, more than 7,600 revisions have been implemented, and the investment of more than 260 billion yuan, the project involves highways, railways, bridges, farmages, hospitals, schools … driving the tread of the snowy plateau.

In the past 21 years, the free "three guarantees" policy in the region in the region, more than 7,000 people have a free treatment, 10 million farm husbands live, all living in safe applicable houses … Tibetan family The masses enjoy the reform results and feel the warmth of the motherland.

Be brave in the maintenance of harmony and stability in Tibet, social stability is the premise and guarantee of development.

Therefore, from the date of the entrance, the aid cadres will use the anti-division, maintain stability as a political task, no matter what work, every time, always remember that he is working in the frontier nation, always strengthens the national unity, and maintain the motherland. Unify the first place in various work, always standing at the forefront of the anti-split struggle, always responsible for the political responsibility of the promotion of peace, and unseck. The seventh batch of the seventh batch of aid cadres, the deputy director of the Party Committee Organization Department of the Autonomous Region, Wang Dynasty, said: "Holidays are on duty, carry out the stability of our aid cadres, especially the aid cadres of our aid cadres, and is a homemaster.

"The majority of the aid cadres are on the top of the day, and they have a cold, in-depth key areas, and maintain the first-line inspection and guidance, go deep into the grassroots to visit condolences, with the actual action to protect the country, with their deep patriotism, and the people of the local cadres The motherland has ensured that Tibet continues to stabilize, long-term stable, comprehensive and stable. Aid to the song is known as the "National Unity Messenger" and the local cadres and the masses of the local cadres have written a song. song of.

Tianjin seventh batch of aid cadres, obstetricians, Miao Zhen Zhen Zhenzheng Dingqing County, more than 4,000 meters above sea level is widely passed.

A story like this happens in the seedlings, and there is a lot of countless people in the majority of aid cadres. In the past 21 years, the talents of the aid cadres have been actively integrated into Tibet, and the economic and cultural cooperation between Tibet and the Mainland will continue to maintain social harmony and stability while promoting the exchange of communication between the people.

The root plate will leave a team that is not going. "What is the most lack of Tibet?" The leader of the seventh batch of restrooms in Hubei Province, the deputy commission of the Shannan Region, Ke Donghai, self-answering, "The most lack of money is not funds and Project, but talent! "For the actual situation of Tibet’s professional technical talents, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Tianjin, Chongqing and other residential team actively strive for 50 orchestrators, doctors and other professional technicians and other professional technicians. This "short, flat, fast" way effectively expands the scale of talent assistance, enhances the level of talent aid.

Hebei, Liaoning and other auxiliary teams organize the grassroots cadres, professional technicians and farmers and herdsmen, and industry development leaders to the mainland study and training, and train a group of cadres and talents. The Heilongjiang Aid Treasures put forward the "First School to receive students, re-establish banks", and carry out scientific and technological knowledge training to the farmers and herdsmen. It is understood that only the seventh batch of aid cadres will organize more than 1,500 experts in the mainland experts, and organize more than 5,000 people to learn from the mainland to the Mainland. It can be said that the talents of the aid cadres are not unable to strengthen the construction of Tibetan cadres talents.

On the one hand, through the introduction, counterpply support, regular rotation, to transport a large number of party and government leadership and urgently need a tight-to-lead talent, form a stable mechanism of the replenishment of Tibet’s party and government leadership and professional technical backbone, and optimize the acquisition leadership team And the structure of the cadre, enhance the energetic part of the recipient cadres.

On the other hand, through training, the majority of aid cadre talents put the new ideas, new ideas and new initiatives in the mainland reform and opening up and modernization to the actual work of Tibet, actively "biography", and train through cadres, two local training Work, cultivated a large number of Tibet grassroots cadres.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region. The Sixth Tibet Work Symposium in the Second, the Sixth Tibet Work Symposium was held, and the new hopes had already gestacious, and the seeds of the dream have been rooted, and a batch of batch of aid cadres will Continue to follow the glorious footprint, create new glories.