Tuesday, May 24


Metro Line 5 bus interface programs will achieve orbital exchange joint seamless connection through review

  Original title: Subway Line 5 bus connection programs passed the review, will realize the 27th limit of the rail exchange-by-step seamless joint site, 3 minutes of the Nanning Metro Line 5 train reporter Lai Yucheng Yesterday, the reporter from Nanning Traffic The Transportation Bureau learned that "Rail Transportation Line 5 Bus Confutab Refutation Program" (hereinafter referred to as "Connection Program") The review will be held at the Nanning Municipal Transportation Bureau on November 15.

Participants affirmed the scientific and effectiveness of the project preparation program, the principle through the project program results, and proposed advice and suggestions.

After optimizing bus lines and supporting connection facilities, the transfer system of "track + bus + taxi + non-motor vehicles + sharing bike" is basically formed along the line 5 line. The first phase of the rail transit line No. 5, the length of the engineering line, 17 sets of station, including 6 transfer station.

Southwest of the line starts in Guokai Avenue, east from Jinqiao Bus Terminal, is the backbone line in the southwestern – northeast direction.

  The "Conflection Program" has been in-depth analysis of the current situation along the corridor of the 5 line, summarizing the status quo of the status quo, the poor road facilities, the difference in road facilities, the lack of uniform planning of the traffic online network and track service, the lack of uniform planning From the rail connection line, track connections, track connections to other supporting facilities, the four major aspects of the bus station. After optimizing bus lines and supporting connection facilities, the transition system of "track + bus + taxi + non-motor vehicle + sharing bike" is basically formed along the line 5. In terms of transfer to the bus network, 18 total optimization lines, including 10 adjustment lines, 7 newly connected microcirculation lines, and cancel 1.

The overall wire network efficiency is effective, while ensuring that the railway line 5 site is equipped with the bus connection to the bus. In terms of track connection supporting facilities, a seamlessly connected rail exchange connection facility system is constructed.

Planning each rail site guarantees at least 2 bus buses to stop and stopping, the average connection distance between the track and the bus stop is not more than 50 meters. In addition, the program proposes to plan a new bus station, 1 上海品茶网论坛 P + R connecting a small car parking lot, and 1 community bus microcirculation line first station. 48 non-motor vehicle parking regions around the track site, 114 taxi parking spaces, 27-last 3 minutes stop. Recently, the Nanning Municipal Transportation Bureau will further revise the "connecting programs".

After the trial operation of Rail Transit 5, the Municipal Transportation Bureau will 新阿拉爱上海地址 simultaneously optimize the bus network, do the effective connection of rail transit and bus and supporting facilities, and fully improve the convenience, timeliness and comfort of the public. .

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