Tuesday, May 24


Medical intensity combination should extend to the community home

Proposal: The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Shu Xiaqin case is: "14th Five-Year Plan" period, my country’s population aging entered the rapid development period.

However, the development of home pension services based on community is not mature, especially the combination of community home pension and medical and health services, and the grassroots medical institutions have been heavy, and the family doctors are small, the service is difficult, and the service needs of the elderly cannot meet the needs of the elderly. Recommendation: Expanding the supply of community home pension services. Improve the market mechanism, expand the establishment of pension services, improve the level of service and treatment of pension employees, support medical care enterprises, pension institutions, property, and home economics and other social pension services team enter the community.

Building a community home pension service network, based on daily life services such as old dining table, haircut, cultural and sports activities, focusing on health care services, forming a "15-上海龙凤自荐论坛minute home pension service circle", enhancing the coverage and service quality of pension services . Promote medical binding to the community.

Comprehensively consider the factors such as service resources, service radii, service population and urbanization, aging, population flow migration, will make old-age development and health service agencies, adjacent to construction, sign cooperation, and combine medical combination services.

The grassroots health service institutions support new or redevelopment of medical combination services, opening the old people’s medical green channels and the old rehabilitation nursing area.

Actively develop home medical combination services.

In response to the elderly, disabled, the elderly people in the elderly, the health management, medical 上海品茶上课 care, drug distribution, etc., to the home pension.

Strengthening the construction of the grassroots general doctor talent team and medical institution, signing the family doctor as an important starter of home health care services, priority to providing family beds, home patrol and other services for the elderly. Use information technology to enhance medical binding service capabilities. Actively explore the "Internet + Medical Nursing" medical integration service model, develop smart health old-age industry, increase the research and development of the elderly health support equipment and home protective sensing system. Building a health management information platform for intelligent elderly people, analyzing real-time, fast and efficient, and efficiently grasping the health needs of the elderly.

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