Tuesday, May 24


Many times for the "buried needle" in drug dealers evade punishment? Drug dealers, doctors are caught!

  The reporter learned that in order to escape the mobility of the public security organ, some illegal criminals are risks, and they will explore the mysterious system for public security organs to make safety hazards for public security organs 闵行会所上门服务 by swallowing foreign objects, implanting foreign objects, self-injury.

  The police said: "Because of this, some illegal suspects put their goals on the medical staff, trying to pass the formal medical means.

"In July 201, Chen Mou finally realized that" shooting needle "is suspected of criminal, he is not willing to continue to help criminals against public security organs, but they are going to get together, but it is too late.

  In the detention center, Chen Moumou regretted his alleged crime. A few days ago, the Harbor Public Security Bureau successfully knocked off a drug trafficking gang in the main city, and cracked 5 in-drug cases, and captured 6 suspects and seized the ice. It is understood that the main suspect of this gang uses AIDS because of AIDS, and the five 上海楼凤论坛 needles in the body escape the mobility of the public security organ.

  In this regard, the police decisively captured it, and the needle will be taken out by surgery, and the detained, drug trafficking personnel form a strong shock.

At the same time, under the severe hurt of the public security organs of the city, those who are trying to evade the "shot needle" have been punished.

  The reporter learned that since the special action of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, since the special action of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, 38 illegal suspects in the city have been taken out by surgery. Nowadays, "Shooting Needles" has become a key to the public security organs of Qinhuangdao, which must be removed! Never let the illegal criminals are unhappy [Contributed: Hebei 闵行4t论坛 Anti-Drug].