Tuesday, May 24


Liujiang District Chengde Town: The Most Beautiful "Su Yan" country’s transformation road

It is reported that Chengde Town is to 上海静安区快餐小妹电话 promote the rectification of rural scenes, focusing on the work ideas of "party construction leading, mass autonomous, industry as media, revitalizing rural areas", and play the village party organization, rural party members’ pioneering role, and drive the masses to actively investigate and carry out; carry outParty member points management, combined with the rural revitalization points 上海水磨工作室论坛 system, refine the integral program of party members participated in the country’s revitalization, establish a "rural construction and love station", carry out the village revitalization points exchange activities, quantify the results of the masses, and create a goodRural atmosphere.At the same time, the town also drives the party members, volunteers promote, team youth, women’s compatriots to promote the "three-clear three 上海水磨论坛is demolition", farmhold control, village self-government, let the villagers cultivate good living health habits,To create a beautiful and livable countryside, the villagers have gone, and happiness is constantly improving.(Liao Elee photography).