Thursday, August 18

but,The phone only rang,Was cut off。Obviously,Lao Wang didn’t want to give Gao Hao any opportunity to explain;This,It also made Gao Hao truly aware of the seriousness of the matter。

“You go back by yourself!”Gao Hao said to the fashionable beauty in the passenger。
Beautiful women usually play coquettishly,This is also a way to grab a man’s heart。But this time,She saw Gao Hao’s face gloomy,Don’t dare to talk too much,Obediently got off the car。
“I can only let my dad come forward!”
Son offense,Dad back the pot,Justified。
but,Gao Hao just turned to his dad’s number,Have not had time to call out,His dad’s call came first instead。
“dad!”Gao Hao quickly picked it up。
“Don’t call my dad!As long as you don’t mess with me,I can call you Dad!”Over the phone,But there was a violent drink,“Who did you offend?Our house is over!Over!!”
“Over?”Gao Hao obviously doesn’t know yet,That person“Old horse”Have cut off cooperation with their family。
Father Gao continued to scold:“Also bought a sports car to show off wealth!You will sell the car for me tomorrow!Otherwise, our family won’t even be able to eat!”
“dad,What happened?”Gao Hao’s voice was trembling and asked。
“You roll me home first!See i don’t kill you!”
First4chapter He is not in this community
Chu Yi didn’t know,Just because of his simple words,Pharaoh not only immediately interrupted his cooperation with Gao Hao,It also directly cut off the most important sales channels of Gao Hao’s family!
For Chu Yi,Just move your fingers casually,Just typed a few words。
But for Gao Hao’s family,But instantly fell into a desperate situation!May even go bankrupt!
Gao Hao was even called home by his father,Catch is a big beating。
at this time,Chu Yi is getting off work,But I received a WeChat from tonight’s blind date。