Thursday, August 18

“and so,Prepare for compensation,About 80 million,Not right,For your Tong Group,It should be okay too,Sorry for your Tong Group to be such a big name, right?。”Shen Luoluo’s words,Full of sarcasm and disdain,It’s like slap the childlike heart so hard。

First62chapter wake up
“Achen,You really don’t want me?Between us……”Tongxinyou know,Can’t tell Shen Luoluo,I can only look at Su Jingchen,Turned to bitterness。
“long,some things,I already know the facts,Just didn’t say it,I don’t want you to do anything to the one I love,And Su Group,If you guys really like it,Just give it to you,But I hope you can wake up。”Su Jingchen said to Tong Xinyou in a cold voice。
“Hahaha,That’s it,That’s it,It was originally my childlike wedding,Unexpectedly, in the end it was just a wedding dress made by others,Su Jingchen,Shen Mange,In my life,I won’t let you go。”Tongxinyou has a miserable voice,It sounds creepy。
But Shen Luoluo shrugged indifferently,All this was found by Tongxinyou。
“Won’t you let it go?In that case,Don’t mind spending a few years in jail?”Shen Luoluo’s voice is cold,Seeing Tong Xinyou’s gaze also changed。
Hear here,Childlike innocence called bad,Isn’t that the thing known??
“Childlike!”It’s from the police station。
“What do you guys do?”Tong Xinyou’s parents then realized,Hurry to stand in front of Tong Xinyou。
“Two,We just act impartially,Some people say that the air crash three years ago has something to do with Tong Xinyou,And provided corresponding evidence,We are here to ask Miss Tong to come back with us for investigation。”
“Do not,Will not,How could it be my daughter?You must be mistaken。”Tong Xinyou’s mother seems to be crazy。
“brother,help me,Achen,I do not want to go,I don’t want to go in,Achen,Save me。”Tong Xinyou tightly grasped the corner of Su Jingchen’s clothes,But was still dragged away。
“Do not,impossible,That thing,So hidden,How would anyone know?”Tong Xinming talks to himself。
“so,Three years ago,You are also involved?”Shen Luoluo walked towards Tong Xinming。
Tong Xinming doesn’t know why,See Shen Luoluo,I think she is terrible。
“Do not,no,You got it wrong。”Tong Xinming shook his head subconsciously,Then I looked at Fan Yi,really,Fan Yi looked at Tong Xinming in disbelief。
The plane crash,Tong Xin knew that he was also on that plane,But he still started,Brothers for so many years……Everything is fake。