Thursday, August 18

So it’s not very conspicuous。

As for how Mu Guishu shipped so many precious emeralds out of Myanmar,That is also very simple。
The second richest man in China,I don’t even have this ability and relationship,Isn’t it a joke?
First862chapter An international director who spends money like water(Three shifts)
Many people are Chu Liuxiang’s book fans。
But he recently published《Jurassic Park》,Domestic sales are not good。
8Since mid-month publication,Two months“only”Is sold700Million volumes。
This is a shameful achievement for any other author,In the book of Teacher Chu Liuxiang,But it failed slightly。
Not to mention the best selling《Gift in Room 7》,regular version、Refined version、Collector’s Edition added together,Have sold more than1Billion copies。
Just say that they will be published after the Spring Festival this year《Xiao Ba’s Story》,Sold so far7000More than ten thousand copies。
Cause sales“not good”For many reasons。