Thursday, August 18

Gu Qiao graduated here。

It’s too far-fetched to say graduation,She debuted as a singer not long after she was freshman,Until later became the first line,Just started preparing for graduation。
I didn’t have a few classes in four years of university。
But got the graduation certificate stably,It has also become the most prominent position in the school’s excellent alumni column。
Lu Ban and Gu Qiao walking on the campus of Central South University。
It’s evening,Many students just finished class,I saw people who were surrounded by layers,They all looked over curiously。
“Wow,Gu Qiao!”
“It’s really Gu Qiao,Why did she come to our school。”
“Gu Qiao is a senior sister, did you forget??”
“exactly,There is a camera next to me,Walking with Gu Qiao is……Luban?”
“Is it recording a full house of romance??”
The students talked,Many people have guessed that this is a recording of a full house of romance。
The security has already been notified by the school,Additional manpower,Blocking the road on both sides。
Lu Ban and Gu Qiao walked side by side。
“This is your alma mater?”