Thursday, August 18

How strong is Xu Xuan’s offense?,You may have no idea,But you can tell from the progress of the game in the first few minutes。

The French team is adjusting quickly,When Xu Xuan hit the first three-pointer,Changed the defensive strategy,Expand the line of defense,Keep an eye on three points。
But at this moment,Xu Xuan changed another trick。
Started various pick-and-rolls and burst into the basket to cause damage。
The most critical point is,Fighting again,The French team’s main core Batum changed defense to Xu Xuan, who was back。
Was educated.
Xu Xuan’s catch turned over and flickered it,It just made him think that the one in front of him was Kobe instead of Xu Xuan。
When will Xu Xuan take his back??
The high and low positions have always been Xu Xuan’s weak areas before,It’s because Xu Xuan can’t carry around,Everyone in the league knows this,Even the defense of many teams is to push Xu Xuan to these two positions.,Let him score points in a way he is not good at,Even if I score,Xu Xuan will be uncomfortable。
but now.This back.Suddenly strengthened。
Tony·Parker frowned。
He also found out,and,Not only the back,And defense.Xu Xuan’s current defense seems to be much stronger than what he saw before?