Thursday, August 18

Don’t say it’s him,Which little white face,Can have a tenth of Shen Huan’s talent,Both parents support you to chase!

So Shen Huan, who was already very popular among girls,Now he has become an idol for more people。
These are the normal reactions of people far away。
But in Lin’an,Throughout Zhejiang and Yue,In the entire Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai region,There are some differences。
the reason is,Central.During the interview with mom,Shen Huan teaches students the scene of mathematics。
Who is Shen Huan?
Great mathematician!
Or one of the most famous mathematicians in the world!
Although he doesn’t necessarily say that he can beat Mr. Su、Mr. Chen、Mr. Hua and the older generation of mathematicians are strong,But one thing can be concluded。
That’s any of the great mathematicians above,At the age of Shen Huan,Can’t compare to Shen Huan。
Shen Huan’s identity is a student,High school senior。
At this stage of the college entrance examination,As a fresh graduate,Shen Huan must have the deepest understanding of mathematics for the college entrance examination,Can best understand power mathematics from the perspective of students。
For example, in the Olympiad a few months ago,Shen Huan easily got a full mark,Lead the Hua Guo team to win the international team championship after three years。
So people think that if Shen Huan takes the college entrance examination,,Math150Minute,No doubt at all。
No one dares to expect,Who is a mathematician like Shen Huan going to teach mathematics?,Even Zheng Qian、A super rich man like Yang Feng is not eligible。
So no one thought about it before,Borrowing Shen Huan’s ingenuity。
But now it looks,Someone has already boarded first!
Shen Huan started from the third year of high school,Just teach and explain maths to these students,Needless to say Xueba,Those who can understand one-tenth,Raise one or two points、Twenty thirty minutes,Isn’t it the same as playing??