Thursday, August 18

Tang Chen told me,The figure flashes forward quickly。

He is going to the depths of the soul hunting forest,Titan giant apes waiting in the Star Dou Mountains。
Presumably the injury has recovered,Let it find the soul beast is most suitable。
I need a lot this time,It takes a lot of time to hunt by yourself。
Tang Chen quickly shuttled through the forest,The reincarnated eye exudes powerful pressure,No soul beast dared to approach。
Didn’t take long,I’ve reached the place where I fought last time。
Looking at the still messy battlefield,Tang Chen fell into sorrow.
032 Forbidden:Yin seal!
Tang Chen stood in front of the cliff,There are still traces of the last war on it。
People can’t always be sad,We must firmly believe that the future will have a more beautiful landscape。
Death will leave him.
“Soul Bone Secret Art:Crystal ladder!”