“Aren’t you a doctor,Why don’t you check for me?。”The sloppy man reached out and touched Luo Yilin’s tender hands。

Luo Yilin screamed,Retracted his hands like lightning,Cold voice:“what are you doing?”
“Damn,Doctors,Why are you shy,you are a doctor,I am a patient,You check what’s wrong with me。”The sloppy man smelled Luo Yilin’s hand,Full of enjoyment。
“Just,Help others see what’s wrong with the disease?”
“beauty,You should do good,Help others to check。”
“Help us also check,We didn’t pay you。”
Many men behind the scruffy man couldn’t help but not stop seeing this scene,But keep booing,It can be regarded as an indirect molesting Luo Yilin.。
After all, such a beautiful woman,Anyone who sees it will itch。
Actually, many of them didn’t come to grab medicine,But to see Luo Yilin。
“Who is unwell?I’ll help him check。”
Mo Xiaosheng heard the movement here,Stop pulse,Got up and came over。
“I,I’m not feeling well,I don’t need you to check,I want this female doctor to help me see!”The sloppy man looked at Lin Yu Mo Xiaosheng,See Mo Xiaosheng is thin and thin,Did not put Mo Xiaosheng in his eyes。
“She grabs medicine,Not a doctor。”Mo Xiaosheng said lightly。
“It’s ok,I’m willing to let her show me,It’s not that I don’t give money。”The sloppy man chuckled。
“Why are you uncomfortable?”Mo Xiaosheng glanced at his prescription,Lightly。
“Here。”The sloppy man unceremoniously patted himself down,Smiled,“This place must be suitable for female doctors,Brothers say right?”
A group of men immediately echoed aloud,Roar of laughter。
“You don’t need to see it,Never lift。”Mo Xiaosheng’s voice fell,The body is already in front of the scruffy man,Kicked his crotch。